an expert fixing a system unitCompu-Service-X Pty. Ltd. is an IT company you can rely on as you meet the standards of your target market. Our goals have always been genuinely connected to our business partners. Our services include:

Offsite | Onsite | 24/7 Remote IT Support
Through our wide array of services, we exist to cater all specific IT needs of companies around the globe. We offer IT Support services on-site, off site and remotely.

Servers, Desktops & Laptops Repairs & Maintenance
Turn over your hardware problems to us! We have technicians who can install, maintain and repair your Servers, Desktops & Laptops.

Networking and Solutions
You need IT experts you can trust to manage your Routers, Switches, Hubs and other communication devices. Compu-Service-X Pty. Ltd. will cater to all your Connectivity needs.

Software and Web Applications Development
At Compu-Service-X Pty. Ltd., we design IT solutions through software and web application that will address streamlining needs in your company. We implement solutions through meeting international standards for our business partners economically and environmentally.

Managed Service for Businesses
We are your strategic partners dealing with all the necessary plans and actions for a better IT system. We provide timely and responsive IT services through the integration of standardized IT principles in your business requirements.

CCTV Networking, Programming, Troubleshooting & repairs
Compu-Service-X Pty. Ltd. will cater to your CCTV Networking, Programming, Troubleshooting & Repair needs. We can design an efficient system, install it into your business and conduct periodic maintenance as well as repairs.

Backup and Data Recovery Solutions
There is nothing worse than losing data you cannot retrieve. Compu-Service-X Pty. Ltd. offers data recovery services as well as preventive measures like designing a back-up system that will ensure the preservation of critical data.

New & Used Car Sales
Compu-Service-X Pty. Ltd. has an extensive inventory of new and used cars. On our website, we will upload your options for your next car purchase. What kind of car, make or model are you looking for? How much is your budget? Let us help you find your dream ride! Learn more>

Conference and Seminars
The Annual Pacific Technology Conference is a unique conference that brings all businesses, national &International oil companies, investors, financial institutions, healthcare, service sector and entire stakeholders together to meet; share knowledge, exchange ideas, gain insight, showcase expertise and enhance business relationship. This upcoming event is no exception and promises more content, unique activities, top rated speakers, and more participation. Learn more >

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